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The Cats of TAGS!

Happy Monday! Or should that say Meow Monday?

Cat ladiesand gentlementhis post is for you. Today we are featuring the cats of TAGS! They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and genders, but they do have a few things in common: all of these furry felines are litter-trained, spayed/neutered, have up-to-date vaccinations and are available for adoption through TAGS
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Alara is an eight-year-old female who uses her voice to get what she wants: whether she’s hungry, thirsty, or just wants attention, her meows and chirps get the point across. She loves to sleep in boxes but loves getting treats even more! This silky soft feline has lived with many dogs during her time in foster care and doesn’t seem to mind them one bit (she does make sure they know who is the boss, though!). Alara’s foster mom loves her for her independence and her persistence and the way she makes her feel special by climbing into her lap for cuddles. 

Cali is new to the TAGS program, so we are still learning more about her. What we do know is that this four-year-old calico loves attention and would be happy being pet all day long! She currently lives with a couple of dogs, and if they approach her nicely, she takes no issue with them: she was even caught snuggling with one of them! Cali’s foster mom describes her as a “gentle soul who loves attention and purrs up a storm if you so much as look at her.”

Justice is a beautiful tabby who is approximately five years old. She was found under the Oshawa Court House. Shortly after being rescued by TAGS, she gave birth to a litter of kittens. All but one were adopted, and she and her remaining kitten (Thornton) are both available for adoption through TAGS. Justice is a small cat who is very friendly and would make a great addition to any home! 

Little One is a black, short-haired female who is just over a year old. Little One was surrendered to TAGS with her sister, Monkey, because their owners were unable to give them the care and attention they need. Her silky black coat makes her irresistible; you can’t help but want to pet her! Little One and her sister, Monkey, are quite bonded to one another. They both love to play and cuddle. 

Monkey is a tortoiseshell who, as you can tell from the photo above, is not very photogenic. Don’t let the picture fool you, though! This one-year-old female has kind eyes and a silky coat of brown, tan, orange and black. Like her sister, Little One, Monkey is playful and cuddly.

Archie is our youngest TAGS cat. This male tabby is about six months old, so he is spunky, curious and very loving. His foster mom says he loves to give her lots of kisses, and he gets along with her other cats. Archie was found cornered by some dogs who were taunting him, but he has since learned to trust the dogs he lives with and gets along with them just fine! Archie can’t wait to join your familywe promise his curious personality will never cease to amuse you! 

Thornton is a black and white male who is approximately four years old. As mentioned above, he is Justice’s last remaining kitten, and as such, he loves to snuggle with his mama. Thornton is more timid than his mom and is nervous around dogs.

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Did you know? 

The process  for adopting a cat is similar to that for adopting a dog, but there are a few differences: 

1. The adoption fee is $100 instead of $345.
2. The meet-and-greet and the home visit steps are usually combined.
3. We skip the eight-week follow-up workshop.

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