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Shyla’s Allergic Treatments (update)

I met Shyla a few months ago. She was this sweet, sweet girl with a terrible sickness. Her sweet character has stayed the same and so did the allergies. 
Here are some updates about her:
    Shyla, please get better
  • The hot, summer weather did not do good for her condition, it actually worsened her itchiness.
  • She is showing different symptoms. While before, it used to be only on her side, now her ears, side and neck all have sore wounds from scratching.
  • The holistic treatments show little improvement. After moderate progress, a greater set back follows.
  • The raw diet did not work. 
After 20 holistic treatments, there is little to no improvements in her allergic reactions. It takes time to observe any changes in her condition, as the analyses of the effects of a new food can go for as long as 3 months. Currently, the foster parents are introducing Shyla to a dog food called Taste of the Wild. 
According to the holistic vet, in many cases tests and treatments might take up even 2 years until the solution is found. They have to take many factors into the consideration, such as food, weather or environment changes. So far, it’s hard to tell what it is for Shyla. They are suspecting it to be either seasonal allergies (her symptoms worsen around spring time or early summer), food allergies or an autoimmune disease. 
After all your generous donations, we received $245. Shyla and the TAGS team would like to thank each and every one of you who donated! It is hard to donate nowadays when money is tight but sometimes it is even harder to see a poor little soul suffer from something that’s hard to trace. The vet appointments and the dog food are not cheap so we would like to ask you to spare a little change for Shyla if you can. 
Even if you can’t, we are very open to hearing any ideas, tips or well-tried out methods that you know have helped other dogs suffering from allergies.The solution might just be around the corner.
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