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  1. Hello

    We are very interested in adopting a dog… we like Rottweler’s and German Shepherd’s. Mixed breed is fine. We are considering a dog that is over one year old – 3+ but will not eliminate under the one year. Having the basic’s (going outside to the washroom) would be important to us.

    We live in Oshawa, Ontario and hope that one of your facilities in this area could be visited. We would like to see, evaluate the dogs behavior and especially it’s approach to us…if all goes well – we would like to bring the dog home. We are aware you do not have background info on these dogs but feel that a one-on-one contact is a valuable piece of information. If training is required or whatever – then we would also arrange for that.

    We look forward to your response.

    • Hello Bill and Kit,
      So wonderful to hear that you are interested in adoption. We do not however, set up meet and greets, etc through our blog. Please contact our TAGS team by emailing tagsinfo@yahoo.ca directly or call at 905-263-8247. One of our volunteers would be happy to discuss our process/program and to introduce some of our available pets to you.

      • Thank you Cathy for the emailing and telephone number. We will be happy to contact the proper parties. We will find that special dog ..and give it the best home, care and love. It will be the happiest dog in our neighbourhood.

        Kit Cashman

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