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Senior Spaniel Makes Canine Comeback

(CBS) In the ring at the Best of Show competition at the Westminister Dog Show, the judge said: “I love them all. Tonight: The Sussex.”

And with that, Champion Clussexx Three D. Grinchy Glee, better known as Stump, pawed his way into Westminster history, CBS News anchor Katie Couric reports.

At 10 years old, Stump is the oldest contestant to win the world’s most famous dog show, coming out of retirement to beat nearly 2,500 of his fellow canines.

But his road to the title has been littered with drama.

After making it all the way to the finals at Westminster in 2004, he caught a nearly fatal bacterial infection.

“He couldn’t pick his head up,” said Scott Sommer, Stump’s handler. “He couldn’t stand up. He had 105-107 temperature for a week. It was awful.”

Not only was he expected never to compete again, few believed he’d even live to see his sixth birthday.

So last night capped an expected never to compete again. Few believed he’d even live to see his sixth birthday.

So last night capped an epic comeback. Wednesday, he has his victory lunch, savoring steak tartar at New York’s Grand Central Station. Thursday, he will fly back home to Texas – in First Class.

“No more dog shows. That’s it. And he’s gonna sit on the couch and sleep on the bed and do whatever he wants to do,” Sommer said.

Love those senior dogs!!

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