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Sassy’s Situation

Meet Sassy! She’s a fun, energetic girl who loves, loves, LOVES attention. She is approximately 6 years old and is very friendly with people and dogs. She has already played up at the TAGS park with some other canines, big and little, and had a great time!


Sassy’s situation has become dire and she urgently needs a new home. Sassy’s family has gone through many tragedies recently, and have tried very hard to keep her in their family despite it all. Unfortunately, they do not have anywhere for her to live, or anyone to take care of her, so they have been paying for her to live in a boarding kennel since April. However, this extra cost is now putting a strain on them, and while Sassy is well cared for at the kennel, it is not the ideal life for her. Sassy, like any dog, prefers to live with a family, where she can get lots of attention and love.


Sassy is a mix of some kind – she has a brindle coat like an Australian Cattle Dog, but a longer nose and body like a Shepherd. She is a good weight, sports a healthy coat, and loves to run. She is spayed and housetrained.

Sassy is very smart (and sassy of course!) and charming. She needs to be adopted by a family who is very active because she loves to go for walks and runs. Sassy gets along with everyone, but might do best in a family with older children, as her exuberance could knock over a youngster by accident!


If you are able to help with Sassy’s situation please let us know! She is looking for a foster or forever home.



  1. Hi Andrea
    Thanks for your comment! She is 6, but has the energy of a much younger dog and needs an active family because of it!
    Sassy got along well with small dogs when we had her at our dog park – she just loves to play. I do not know which kennel she is located in right now, but she would need to be adopted or fostered within Durham Region. 🙂

  2. we just moved back on a farm I we both miss are old australin cattle dog, the farm is not active but we have acreas for him to play on and to go with us for walks.How much does it cost to adopt and is she house trained or trained in any way

  3. I was Sassy’s foster mom for about 2 weeks. Although she has a lovely personality and is gentle and loving, she is very strong. A farm environment is where I recommended she be placed because of her size, strength and energy. She has abandonment issues and gets into things left out while the humans are away from home. She needs people who are home almost all the time. Other animals – dogs or cats – would be good company for her and keep her occupied and away from creating mischief.
    I stopped fostering Sassy because I’m a senior in my sixties and realized she was too big and strong for me to properly control. But with the right family, environment and training, she could be a wonderful companion. I would love for her to find a forever home.