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November Adoptions!

10 pets found forever homes in November. That is our highest month all year!

All of these animals have had a tumultuous go of it over the past few months, or even throughout their whole lives. We are so happy that they all found a new home just in time for the holidays!

Special acknowledgement is in order for Diesel, Josie and Dakota.

Diesel was with TAGS for over a year before finding a home. Despite being playful, energetic and adorable, he just couldn’t seem to find the right home for him…until now!

Josie came to TAGS when the puppy mill she was living in closed down. Since she was used for breeding her whole life, Josie didn’t know much about how to be a dog and it was a very long time before she even trusted her foster mom. Luckily, Josie doesn’t have to learn to trust someone new ever again. Her foster mom decided to give her a forever home. (When this was announced at the TAGS Volunteer dinner, applause immediately broke out.)

Dakota is the only senior adopted in November, and as such, he’s now our poster boy for “Adopt a Senior Pet Month.” Way to go, Dakota!

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Thank you to all of our foster parents for taking care of these lovely animals when they had no one else to go to. You are the true heroes of TAGS!

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  1. I am the previous owner of Diesel. He was loving, loyal and very energetic. Unfortunately we were forced to give him up for adoption and miss him dearly. We are VERY thankful for TAGS and the adoptive family for caring for him and loving him. Please give him a big kiss for us!

    THANKS 🙂