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Great Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

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With Christmas Eve just ten days away, some of you are probably finished shopping, have sailed right through wrapping and are now sitting by the fire admiring your Christmas tree, wondering what is taking Santa so long.

But let’s face it: many of us are just starting! While everyone loves giving presents at Christmas, trying to think of the perfect gift can be stressful. Well, have no fearTAGS is here to give you a list of great gift ideas for all of the dog lovers in your life.

But be warnedyou might want some of these for yourself, too! We all enjoy shopping for unique gifts for dog lovers, because everything is just so cute.

For Dog Lovers Who Love to Travel

  • Whether going to the cottage, a friend’s, or the dog park, the seats in any dog lover’s car can take a beating after one too many rides with a furry friend. While they might love their pooch too much to mind, they will definitely benefit from a pet car-seat cover. PetSmart carries several options on its website.
  • Help keep a friend’s small dog safe by gifting your friend with a doggie car seat! This design, which is available at Canadian Tire, is elevated so the pooch can look out the window, plus it has a harness for added safety.
  • If you’re on a budget, make homemade dog-sitting vouchers! While you might feel cheesy, the sentiment behind this gift will trump all others. No dog lover likes to leave his or her fur baby behind, but sometimes travel opportunities come up that don’t suit a tail-wagging tag-along. Offer to dog-sit, and enjoy eternal gratitude. It will put your friend’s mind at ease to know his or her pup is in good hands!
  • It’s quite sad when your friend or loved one cannot take their dog along for a vacation or a work trip, so you can give them something that they can carry along for their journey, maybe a personalized sequin pillow or small cushion with a super-cute photo of their dog to remind them of their beloved pet wherever they are! If you want to go a step ahead and further down the route of personalization, you could choose to gift your pet lover friend a custom photo necklace with a picture of them with their furry friend in it! It is sure to bring a smile on your friend’s face, and yours as well!

For Dog Lovers Who Love Knick-Knacks
Cat lady and dog lover vests!
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If your friend loves ornaments, trinkets, and other collectibles, there are an infinite number of possible gifts for them! Look for a picture frame with paw prints, a dog ornament for the tree, or even a figurine resembling their dog. Did you know that you can put your pet photo on socks? You could gift these to your dog lover friend and they’ll most probably be on cloud nine. Pet stores, gift stores such as Hallmark and Carlton Cards, or even your local Wal-Mart are bound to have great gifts your dog-loving friends.

For Dog Lovers Who Love to Read

  • A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
    This TAGS-tested novel is an engaging, heartfelt story told from a dog’s perspective as he searches for his purpose over the course of several lives. His soul is reborn again and again, but he is able to retain memories from former lives, which he uses to help him in the next one. It’s funny and at times sad, and it’s written so aptly the reader can’t help but wonder if it was actually written by a canine.
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
    Also TAGS-tested, this book tells the story of Enzo, a lovable mutt who is with his best friend and owner, Denny, through all of life’s milestones. Told from Enzo’s perspective, the story line captivates readers from the first page, and the writing style keeps them reading until the book is finished.
  • The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs
    Culled from the pages of The New Yorker magazine, the writings and artwork in this coffee-table-sized book will delight any dog lover. In true New Yorker style, the fiction, poetry, and articles alternately entertain and informand often do both. Whether your friend is a literature lover or a dog lover, this book meets the bill.
  • Keep the gift of Christmas coming all year long! Purchase a gift subscription for your friend to a Canadian pet or dog magazine. Since the first issue won’t be delivered until after Christmas, considering buying a copy of the current issue and include a note saying that there are more where this came from!
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Bonus Tip: For Dog Lovers Who Have it All

  • Consider making a donation to a cause your dog-loving friend cares about, a topic we explored recently in this post.


    • Hi Maggie, thanks for reading! Yes I definitely agree! Although we made it our “bonus tip,” it is the top idea for most of our volunteers.

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing! For the dog lovers who love to read, I’d recommend ” A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends”. I love this book (and I think Oprah too… she featured it!). For Christmas, I’d give my friends (who are also dog lovers btw!) hand blown dog glass figurines made by Russian and Murano artists. I know they will love it!