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Featured Adoptable Dog: Jasmine!

Our volunteer and foster mom Julie sent us some useful information about her new foster dog, Jasmine!

Jasmine is a 65 pound St.Bernard mix who is estimated to be about 8 years old.  She has a beautiful face that beams love toward everyone she meets. Her deep, soulful eyes definitely have a way of pulling people in, and once she has them, she showers them with love.

TAGS rescued Jasmine from a shelter in Shelby, Tennessee. Apparently Jasmine was a stray before being at the shelter, but I feel like Jasmine is way too well behaved to have been a stray. I believe she was betrayed by her family and left behind for no reason, and I can only assume that her family regrets that decision. She is a perfect dog.

Jasmine is a social dog, amazing with anyone who wants to pet her and give her attention. If you so much as indicate that a tummy rub could be in her future, she will be on her back in a heartbeat. Even if you’re just standing there with your hands by your side, you can expect Jasmine’s head to nudge you for a few head scratches. But as much as she loves people, she  also loves other dogs and often wants to play.

She’s adorable upside down and right-side up!

More than anything else, Jasmine loves to hang out with you and make you happy. Since beginning her stay with us, she has learned how to go up and down the stairs, just to be with us. I’m so proud of her for wanting to learn, and her motivation is very endearing.

Jasmine is fully house trained and walks very well on a leash. She sits and listens well, and is classy like her name suggests! I would love to see Jasmine adopted by a family who has kids and another dog for Jasmine to play with. She is very young at heart and I believe she will continue to age well with youthful energy around her. However, because she is so easy going, calm and gentle, she could probably be happy in any home! But…she is a big girl so a roomy home might be nice!

Scrub-a-dub-dub, Jasmine’s in the tub!
(at Clarington Dog Wash)

I really cannot say enough good things about this dog. She is a gentle , sweet, loving dog that wants to be loved forever. She really is a treasure and deserves a wonderful forever home of her very own!

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Since Jasmine is over the age of 7, she is considered to be a senior.
Therefore, her adoption fee has been reduced!
The regular adoption fee is $345 but the cost to adopt Jasmine is half of that!
Interested in adopting Jasmine or one of our other special seniors?
Check out her bio and submit an adoption application online! You will be glad you did.

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