Famous Pets From Movies: Did You Know? (Part I)

This is part one of our miniseries about famous dogs, where we share fun facts from the extraordinary lives of famous pets—behind-the-scenes, heartwarming details and much more to follow. Homeward Bound (1993) Did you know … … that they used four American bulldogs and four golden retrievers in the movie? … that they used eight Himalayan cats for the role of Sassy? … that

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How to Start Fostering with TAGS: FAQ

Are you considering fostering but don’t know where to start? TAGS volunteers and foster parents are ready to help you set up for your first experience saving a dog’s (or cat’s) life! How do I know if I qualify to be a foster parent? Do you love pets? Do you have a house or an apartment with enough space in it? Do you have

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Free Massage for Adopters

TAGS will lighten your mood!CC image courtesy of Denis Savard on Flickr Has all this snow and cold slowed you down, too?  We know the feeling, so one of our volunteers, Elaine Brien, decided to organize a yearlong contest for our adopters.  Elaine is a registered massage therapist working in a Whitby massage salon. Starting in February, she will draw one name a month

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