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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

With the popularity of Disney movies like this one (I personally found it very entertaining) there is always a concern that people will rush out to get a dog like the one in the movie without considering if it is the right pet for them. Chihuahuas make great pets, but make sure that you are prepared for life with one of these adorable little dogs and do your research. Many people with small dogs cart them around like fashion accessories forgetting that they are in fact DOGS. If you have a chihuahua – or other “pocket pooch” – do yourself and your dog a favour and treat it like a dog. I have seen a 6 pound chihuahua take on an 80 pound doberman and come out on top. They are quite capable of taking care of themselves if you let them. Your small dog will be happier for it. By the way, “Poppy” in the movie was rescued from an animal shelter – you can find GREAT dogs needing homes at your local shelter.

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