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A Microchip Session in Photos

TAGS can microchip your pet for only $30 at various Pet Valu locations. Find out more about microchipping from this blog post or visit our website for microchipping dates.

Promotional poster
Promotional poster of one of our microchip clinics

Waiting for customers
TAGS volunteers (and Boomer) waiting for customers

TAGS bulletin board
TAGS bulletin board at the entrance of the clinic

Needle (still in the protective cap) attached to a plunger gun

Needle close-up
A close-up of the needle

First microchip
This cat came to get his microchip!

Check for microchip
First, we make sure he doesn’t already have a microchip.

Rub the area
We rub some alcohol in the area where the needle will be inserted.

Click on the video to see how fast and painlessly we insert the microchip! It takes no more than eight seconds!

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