They said, “Okay boy, let’s go for a ride”

I thought, “Okay” and hopped inside

After a while, he pulled off the road

I remember it was really cold

He opened the door and said, “Out you go!”

Then he drove away as I stood in the snow

I ran around for a day or two

Then someone picked me up

I thought I was through…

He took me to a place and put me in a cage

I felt like I was on a stage

People looking, walking by

All I could do was stand there and cry!

Why did those people do me like that…

Throw me away like an old hat?

They rotate the dogs here every seven days

And after that…well, you’d be amazed

Then in came a woman all dressed in white

She bent down and said, “It’ll be alright.”

You’re coming home to live with me

In a beautiful house with a big oak tree.

So if you’re reading this today

Some dog’s’ time is ticking away…


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