We have always had Spaniels, usually two at a time. When our last dog passed away we were recommended to TAGS. Don checked them out and liked the fact that they interviewed us to see if we were good for the dog, unlike other organizations which simply take your money and give you the dog.
Daisy, the curly Cocker Spaniel in the picture, came to stay with us last September and became Don’s sidekick. We went to all the lessons provided by the adoption agreement and I had fun watching Don and Daisy playing all the games. By the spring we were ready for a friend for Daisy. Myrtle, the straight-haired Spaniel came to us at the end of April this year and the staff at TAGS once again gave us time to decide if Daisy wanted Myrtle to stay forever. They are both loving and friendly dogs so they do not argue or squabble but share everything, even food. They look out for each other and are like two peas in a pod. Daisy has never liked staying out in the backyard for long because of her experience as a pup but now the two of them sit on the back step watching the birds. We are so pleased that we adopted them thanks to TAGS. Pauline and Don Langridge

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