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The Tuckman Goes For a Late Night Walk-About!

Written by Annetta, our volunteer & foster mom.
You can never be cautious enough when it comes to your dogs. Some like freedom a little bit more than others, and it’s easier than you think to lose sight of them. Our guest blogger Lindsey Sjouwerman shared some useful tips on how to prevent your dogs from running away.
Tucker is safe now! He is up for adoption!

On this note, we’d like to offer many, many thanks to Breanna Spence of Strandmore Circle in Brooklin for keeping TAGS dog Tucker safe and sound overnight when he decided to go for a late-night walk-about on his own last Mondaynight. His regular foster home is in Bowmanville, but he was staying with another TAGS volunteer in Brooklin for a week.
When the post went out that Tucker, a 3 1/2-year-old spring spaniel mix, was on the lam, TAGS volunteers converged in Brooklin and combed the neighbourhood. By 1 a.m., we realized he’d either made friends with someone out for a late evening stroll and was in their garage or home for the night, or he’d decided to bed down in one of the many deep brush/forested expanses in the area.
First thing Tuesday, volunteers were out again searching for him and putting up “lost dog” posters. There were still no sightings. Fortunately, there are many pet lovers in the neighbourhood, and since Tucker is microchipped, TAGS received a phone call in the early morning with the news that he was safe.
It turns out that he’d made friends with a neighbour at around 2:30 a.m. a few streets from where he’d started his adventure. The neighbour, Breanna Spence, realized he was a stray and wanted to keep him safe. She couldn’t bring him into her home, so this wonderful young woman slept in her car with Tucker until morning. Breanna then drove Tucker to the humane society, where he was identified through his microchip.
Not only was Tucker was kept safe, he also had the companionship of a caring, smart guardian. Way to go, Breanna! The Tuckman sends you lots of big kisses and high-fives, and TAGS sincerely thanks you for looking out for him!
Here is the link again for the blog post written by our guest blogger Lindsey Sjouwerman with some useful tips on preventing your dog from escaping.

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