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September Adoptions!

I present to thee…the September Six! These six pets all found homes this month and we couldn’t be happier for them.

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Some Facts about the September Six

  • Bella came to TAGS as a stray back in January. Despite being from the streets, Bella lived up to her name and recently earned the title of Best Looking TAGS Dog.
  • Alara was recently crowned Prom Queen during the TAGS awards, and rightly so! This feline gets along with her feline and canine subjects, but she always makes sure they know who is the boss! Alara is a very chatty cat who loves attention – but on her terms, of course.
  • Weston came to TAGS from a local pound where he was only known as a number. However, he did not allow his time there to affect his fantastic spirit: Weston’s former foster family used to call him “50 pounds of love,” and everyone who meets him knows why!
  • Gunnar is one of those mysterious unlucky-turned-lucky cases. For some reason, despite being well-behaved and adorable, Gunnar couldn’t find a home when he lived in the United States and was having a bad time of it in the shelter there. Yet, when he came up to Canada, he was adopted in no time! Perhaps he just wanted to be Canadian.
  • George is an energetic Cocker Spaniel who had to find a new home when his owner couldn’t care for him anymore. Not surprisingly, this cute fellow was not up for adoption long before someone scooped him up!
  • Suzy Q has already had a lifetime of misadventures and we are so happy that she can finally settle down and enjoy being a dog! As a puppy, her owner passed away, leaving Suzy Q a stray. Then, she got pregnant, went to a pound, and had a litter of 5 puppies! By the time all of that was said and done, Suzy Q had become a worrisome dog and carried that nervousness with her wherever she went. Thanks to her dedicated and patient foster parents, she improved enough to find a home, one where she can continue to build her trust towards humans. (If you’d like to read more about Suzy’s story, click here.)

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