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Safety Tips for Spooky Times

In 10 short days from now, critters and monsters of all sorts will be roaming the streets and knocking on doors looking for their sugar fix. Whether you are planning to go all out for Hallowe’en with decorations, or if you just intend to have candy in a bowl at the door, if you are a pet owner, you should be aware of some potential dangers.

Bosco is glum. He wanted to be a clown
for Hallowe’en but the nose wouldn’t fit.
Trick or Treating

Most dogs get pretty excited when they hear a knock at the door. To make sure they don’t run outside or become overwhelmed with the excitement of their first dinosaur sighting, consider putting up a gate so they can’t get too close to the trick or treaters. Alternatively, if you think they won’t become too anxious (some pups like to know what is going on), you can keep them in the basement or in a separate room. It is not recommended that they stay in the backyard. While most of the people out and about are just kids in costume, Hallowe’en night is also a time when vicious pranksters like to get their thrills. Keep your pets safe by having them inside, or with you, at all times. Similarly, if you have outdoor cats, it is highly recommended that you keep them indoors for several days before and after October 31.

If you are going trick or treating with the little ones and would like to bring your dog along, consider getting them a collar or leash with LED lights so they are easily spotted. Don’t forget treats and clean-up bags!

Hallowe’en Decorations and Costumes

Josie didn’t want to be anything scary,
so she’s going as a ladybug.
Be aware of the decorations you are putting up around the inside and outside of the house. Wires and electrical decorations are dangerous for your pets because they may want to chew or pull on them. Blow-up decorations and plastic skeletons may seem like a bonus-size chew toy for your pet, but if they haven’t been made with pets in mind, they might be unsafe. Lastly, while we all love the glow of a Jack o’Lantern, the flickering lights and interesting smell are enough to make any animal curious. Avoid injury by using flame-less LED tea lights, which are available at stores like Walmart.

If you’re going to dress up your pet, try on their costume in advance. Dressing them up in matching costumes with you, that is if you’re opting for a Supergirl/Superman costume, it is just a given that your furry friend gets a cape! You could look at options from DC comics as well if you’re not too fond of Marvel characters. While the DC v. Marvel banter is a neverending one (click here to know more), it is important to make sure the costume doesn’t itch or irritate them anywhere. And if they do seem upset or restricted, a decorative bandana may be a better option.


After the trick or treating has come to an end, remember to keep the Hallowe’en haul out of your pets’ reach. Chocolate and candy should never be ingested by dogs and cats and the wrappers are very dangerous for them as well.

Have a safe and Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!

This blog post was written with help from Pet Valu and PetMD.

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