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New Foster Program Coming Soon!

For many years, TAGS has received calls from women who are victims of domestic violence. Why would they call an animal rescue? Because while they know they can find safety if they leave their abusive households, they are hesitant to do so when it means leaving behind their animal companion(s).
Many women who are victims of domestic violence have reported that their partners have threatened the safety and well-being of the family pet in order to coerce them into staying in the home. When we have been able to, TAGS has stepped up to provide a foster placement until the family pet could be returned to the woman and her children, if applicable. 
Nevertheless, this was not a formal plan or program that TAGS was able to offer the Durham Region community, and sometimes we did not have the resources to assist these women. Therefore, it has always been a goal to see this structured as a specific program that TAGS can provide to women in Durham Region. 
The Domestic Violence Foster Program
Coverage of the meeting was featured
in Oshawa This Week.
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Recently, representatives from TAGS were invited by local women’s shelters to attend a meeting to discuss a future program that would bridge the organizations, creating a partnership. The overall goal and bottom line of the collaboration is to help women, children, and pets find safety after experiencing domestic violence. 

The program specifics are still being worked out, as there are many logistics and factors for the organizations to consider: the process of getting the family pet from the home and into foster care; what happens if the abusive partner claims ownership over the pet; if the animal will ever be returned to the women or if it will have to be re-homed; how to make sure women know about the program before deciding to leave their homes; etc. TAGS and the local women’s shelters expect the details to take several months to iron out, but they have made a commitment to see it be followed through.

For now though, the main course of action is to recruit foster families who are interested in helping out with this program specifically. If you or someone you know would like to help out with this fantastic and worthwhile initiative, please fill out a Foster Application form on our website and specify that you would like to be part of the Domestic Violence Foster Program.

Chelsea is in urgent need of a foster home. 

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