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Happy Tail: Jill

Interview with Julie White – Jill’s Happy New Mom

Why did you choose Jill?
We saw Jill at Pet Valu at the end of her shift. Her foster mom Gayle was picking her up. My husband spotted Jill and said “Hey did you see the dog over by the cash?” I said no and he brought me over to look at her. We fell in love with her right away. She stole our hearts, kissing us and giving us a look that said “please take me home!” 
Jill waited for a longtime to find her forever home.  She came in as a stray in the Bedford County Animal Control at 8 months old and was rescued in May the following year by TAGS.  She had an amazing foster mom Gayle and we adopted her in August.  

What did you think about our adoption process?

We think the adoption process is excellent. You don’t just pay for a dog and that’s it. You invest interest and time to see if this dog will fit with your family. TAGS makes sure the dog is going to a good home by insisting on the home visit and then the extended visit to insure everything works out nicely. Following the adoption there is some training which I think is great to begin a great bond with your new dog!
How was Jill’s first few days with you and your family?
Our first day on the  extended visit my husband and I spent all day shopping with Jill. We looked for the perfect bowls on a stand, toys, treats, etc. It took twice as long cause Jill is a social butterfly, everyone stopped to look at her and want to pet her. Many stores later we had found everything to make her feel like home! 

How is she fitting in?
Jill on her Extended Visit
She has settled in with our family very well and we are so happy to have her in our lives. Jill’s favourite place in the house would have to be in our cozy bed sleeping and chewing her bones!

She does very well on a leash and has no problems walking with our other dogs Turbo and Cheyenne. They all walk together very nicely. 
Jill also has many TAGS friends as we go to the park often. Her foster mom Gayle is still in her life as we have become great friends. I am just amazed with the work, connections and the difference TAGS makes in many ways for adoption, education, volunteering, and rescuing.
The Triumvirate!
Did Jill pick up any funny habits?
Jill likes to stash toilet paper cardboard rolls on our bed. She doesn’t chew them, she just places them on our bed. No idea why!
In the morning she has more energy than my two JRTs, running around and getting the other two playing. She will take my one JRT back leg bite it and make his leg go up in the air to get him to play, it’s funny to watch!
She loves to give kisses and have her belly rubbed.

P.S. she is spoiled!!!

Jill – probably dreaming about toilet paper
 Julie White did not only adopt Jill but she is now volunteering for TAGS. Thank you Julie and welcome to the TAGS team!
Are YOU thinking about volunteering, too? We are always looking for foster homes or general volunteers. Click here to apply.

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