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Featured Adoptable Dog: Spike

Spike arrived at TAGS in September from a Sudbury pound. Despite the fact that he spent his first few years without a family, he’s looking positively into his future and hasn’t given up on finding his home.
He’s very friendly with anyone who stops for a minute to give him a pat or a belly rub. Do you happen to have a bone as well? You’ll be his all-time favourite person!
Spike’s Hobbies
Chewing on bones can keep him occupied for hours but as he’s a high-energy dog, he’ll love a good run in the dog park the most. He will personally make sure that you’re safe from the local gang of squirrels.
He knows all his basic commands like sit and stay and will shake a paw if you slip him some treats. He’d make it big in the corporate world, don’t you think?
Spike is an enthusiastic walker, so using a Gentle Leader is best. He always gets excited before his walks because he loves meeting new dogs and people! As a 21st-century dog, he is even comfortable using a treadmill.
He is great with other dogs, although his enthusiasm can turn into bossiness if the other dog is not responding to his play requests. He lives with a couple of cats in his foster home, and he finds them quite funny. His dream is to play with them freely one day. But cats will be cats, and they are playing hard to get.

He’s good with children, too, but since he sometimes doesn’t realize how big he is, he could accidentally bump into them, so we suggest a child-free home for him. 
Overall, he’s a loyal and loving guy who listens well and learns fast. His foster mom recommends for him a home with preferably another young and active dog. He has a lot of energy to work off, so if you love to spend your free time in the outdoors, he would be the perfect companion for you!

If you think Spike may be the dog for you, don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption application form so that you can meet him at our dog park!

Check out more photos of Spike on Pinterest or watch a video of him on YouTube (below)!

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