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Featured Adoptable Dog: Izzy

Izzy arrived at The Animal Guardian Society in February from a Port Perry pound. We don’t know much about her background from before that. All we know is that this long-legged puppy was very shy at first. She was intimidated by everyone except her foster mom. Eventually, she came out of her shell, showing her sweet, goofy side.
Izzy’s Hobbies
Izzy at PetSmart, looking for adopters
Izzy is easily amused. Her elation at finding in her backyard a water bottle with a little bit of water in it was immeasurable. She was rolling it, biting it, then rolling it againfor about two hours! In the end, she went back in the house, exhausted like a kid after a big playdate. She also considers it her duty to carry big tree branches in her mouth during her walks.

The beagle in her is definitely apparent, as she likes to chase squirrels. And due to Izzy’s long legs, paired with a high energy level, her foster mom says that Izzy would be very talented at agility if her new owners decided to try that.
Izzy sometimes pulls on her walks but is showing improvement every time, thanks to her foster mom’s tireless efforts.
Sweet baby girl sleeping.
Izzy loves other dogs and is becoming more and more social with them. She goes up to other dogs during her walks to get to know them. She also has experience with cats, and she doesn’t mind them at all. Izzy is very popular among children, and she lets them overload her with love like a cool pop star. We would still recommend that she be in a family with older kids due to her jumping habits.

And speaking of that, Izzy loves to jump! She could jump over a four-foot fence without any problem. If you are interested in Izzy, you must have a fence that is maybe even higher than five feet and secure at the bottom, too. 
While she is a wonderful, lovable dog, Izzy has a little baggage, too. She still sometimes barks at men, but she is friendly toward men she already knows. She also suffers from separation anxiety, but as soon as she gets into her crate, she relaxes. The person who accepts both Izzy’s goofy, fun side and her troubles will surely have a remarkable relationship with a loyal companion. 
“Okay. Now where is my dinner?”
Overall, her foster mom recommends that Izzy would do best in
… a physically active household
… a home with a high fence
… a home with another dog
If you think Izzy may be the dog for you, don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption application form so you can meet her! More details about her can be found on our website.
If you want to see more photos of Izzy, click here to explore our Pinterest or Instagram photos!
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