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Featured Adoptable Dog: Boomer

Boomer doesn’t mind the snow.

Never Lose Anything Again

Are you sometimes forgetful? You don’t remember where you left your keys or wallet? We have an excellent candidate for keeping things in order for you: Boomer! Boomer believes that once you’ve touched something and left it in a different spot than usual, he has to make it his personal assignment to bring it back to you a.s.a.p. Just remember to close the lid on the laundry bin because with Boomer around, your clothes may never get to the washing machine!
Boomer came into TAGS care a year and a half ago from a Kentucky pound (just like Dixie, our January dog). We think that this handsome fellow had to spend his days as a guard dog before he was found him and put in the pound. Miraculously, he didn’t end up having food- or toy-guarding issues; all he has is a little suspicion when meeting strangers. He will quickly overcome this feeling, though, once he realizes that you’re one of the “good guys.” In fact, if you know that you’ll be meeting Boomer, don’t even bother washing your face that morning. He will do it for you. He won’t even be ashamed of cleaning your ears, nose or mouth. What can I say? He’s a perfectionist!
In view of these qualities, he considers himself somewhat of a polymath who has already mastered “the boomerang skill” and cleaning skills and also has significant experience in interior design. He might change the order of the pillows on your couch so that it’s more comfortable (for him to sit on, that is).
C’mon, throw it already!
Boomer’s Hobbies
Boomer’s energy level is medium to high, so he’ll definitely appreciate a nice, tiring afternoon at the dog park, chasing the ball (remember, he’s a retrieving champion). He won’t put up a fight if another dog gets to the ball first but will stay alert and grab the ball the minute the other dog drops it.
Boomer knows the basics like “sit” or “paw.” He won’t mind a treat here and there, either. If you adopt him, the adoption fee will include an eight-week follow-up workshop, in which you can both learn more. Once you have gained Boomer’s trust, he is all about you and really just appreciates any attention you give him.
Yes, that’s the spot!
He walks nicely even without the Gentle Leader. At the beginning of a walk, he might pull a little bit out of excitement, but he will quickly adapt to your pace after that. 
Boomer is quite the ladies’ man! He prefers the company of female dogs but doesn’t mind males, either. He used to have some issues with fellow alpha males, but ever since one of our volunteers, Nick Iordanis, started training and socializing him, his dominance issues have been quickly fading away. It all comes down to his suspicion of anyone he doesn’t know. He was probably an abandoned guard dog who is, in fact, now eager to learn proper social skills to fit in.

We recommend that Boomer go into a cat- and child-free environment so that he’ll be able to get your full attention—although he views older children as people who could possibly throw his ball, and anyone who can do that for him he will love forever.
Boomer is all played out!
If you think Boomer may be the dog for you, don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption application form so that you can meet him at our dog park!
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