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Featured Adoptable Dog: Bessie

Our volunteer & foster mom Annetta sent us some useful information about her new foster dog, Bessie.
Bessie’s a doll! Very, very sweet. She’s going to make an amazing pet for some lucky family.

Bessie is a sweetheart
Walking & Obedience
She’s already figured out walking on lead. She runs to us when called, and we’re working on sit/stay and house training. There have been only a couple of accidents in the house,  which is great considering she just came here and she’s still a puppy.

She LOVES to play, play, play (what puppy doesn’t?) and is a toy fanatic. I picked up a large rhino stuffy (half her size), and she carries it all over the place. We’re working on teaching her what is okay to grab and drag around the house or yard and what she should leave alone.

Crate Training
We’re going through the normal crate training stufflots of barking and howling when she goes in at night. She’s still not wanting to go completely in when her meals are put in there.

Bessie is an exuberant barker when she plays, so I have a bark collar (beep and vibration) on her when she gets too noisy, and she’s a major counter surfer (bark collar works for that, too!).
She’s an absolute doll of a pup—a sweet, exuberant, yet cuddly girl who loves playing with other dogs and people. She will definitely need  a family who has the time to give her lots of exercise, playtime, and love, love, love!

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