How to Help


It is our mission to provide re-homing and medical care to displaced companion animals and to support the community in areas of humane education, behaviour counseling, the promotion of responsible pet ownership, and the needs of animals.

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Lost Anchor Tattoo Parlour

Join us on October 13th for this fun-filled event!

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Have your pet microchipped. Clinics are running in Durham Region.

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Come out and enjoy playing bingo while supporting The Animal Guardian Society

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Visit us at a local PetValu on Saturday afternoons!

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Catified Cats Are Satisfied Cats

˜by Nomi Berger The verb may be new to the vernacular, but it’s far from a novel concept in “certain circles.” That verb is catification. The creation of a feline-friendly environment catering to a cat’s natural instincts to climb and perch, rest and play. A “cats only” club whose members own their own space. Curious about catifying? Then, consider these suggestions. Since felines are

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Two’s the Ticket

~ by Nomi Berger Question: Why are kittens born in litters? Answer: To be nourished and nurtured, socialized and stimulated. Question: Why should kittens be adopted in pairs? Answer: To KEEP them socialized and stimulated, and to satisfy their innate curiosity. From birth, close interaction with their mother and littermates allow kittens to mature into sociable and well-adjusted, healthy and happy cats. While separating

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