• Date:
  • Name:

  • Address:

  • City:
  • Prov:
  • Postal Code:

  • Phone:
  • Cell:

  • Email:
  • Names and relationships of other adults living in the home:
  • Do you have children?
  • If yes, please provide ages of children living in the home.
  • Does anyone in the family have allergies?
  • Are all family members in agreement about adopting a cat?
  • How did you hear of The Animal Guardian Society?
  • Please explain why you would like a cat.
  • Are you interested in a particular cat? Please describe.
  • Please describe the cat you would like to adopt. ie age, sex, activity level, etc.
  • Would you consider a cat with a treatable medical condition/special needs?
  • If yes, please explain experience with sick/special needs animals.
  • Are there other cats in the home?
  • If yes:
  • Have your cats been tested for feline leukemia?
  • Have your cats been tested for FIV?
  • List pets that you own, or have owned, in the past 5 years:
  • Type of Animal Age Sex Spayed/
    Still own? (If no, please explain)
  • If your cat is not spayed/neutered do you plan on getting him/her fixed?
  • Are pets vaccinated?
    If no, please explain:
  • Have pets been treated for a contagious medical condition recently?
    If yes please explain.
  • Are your pets currently licenced with the municipality in which you live?
  • How do your pets react to cats?
  • Do you have a room with a door where your new cat could be kept during the transition into the home?
  • How long would your cat be alone during a typical day?
  • What type of dwelling do your currently live in?
  • Do you rent or own?
  • If you are renting, does your rental agreement permit you to have a cat?
  • How long have lived at your current address?
  • Have you ever given an animal up?
  • If yes, what were the circumstances?
  • Where will your cat stay while you vacation?
  • If the cat were to become ill, what arrangements would be made for care and supervision?
  • Under what circumstances would you consider giving up your cat?
  • Please list a veterinary reference that we may contact who knows or has known you and your animals.
  • Please list a personal reference that we may contact who knows or has known you and your animals.
  • Please add any additional comments you may have.
  • Agreement NOT to Declaw: Our policy requires that the adopters of our cats not declaw, no matter what the cat's age. If you are interested in declawing a cat, we encourage you to adopt a cat that is already declawed.
    Do you agree not to declaw?
  • Do you agree that the cat will be an INDOOR cat ONLY, that the pet shall not be allowed to roam at will.
  • Please be advised that a home visit will be required before your application can be approved. We request that all family members be present at this interview.
  • Are you willing to have a TAGS volunteer visit your home prior to and/or after adopting your cat?
  • Have you been informed about the adoption process and contract?
  • http://www.animalguardian.org/how-to-help/adopting-a-rescue/adoption-process/ (This process has been modified for Cats, yet follows the same structure)

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